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"Giant Gorg" is a 26 episode TV series from 1984 created by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko ("Arion", "Crusher Joe ", "Venus Wars").

In 1990, after 30,000 years, an island in French Polynesia resurfaced from its South Pacific watery grave, New Austral Island. Soon after resurfacing, the island disappeared from all printed maps and satellite photos, and reportedly immediately sank back into the ocean. However, in reality, G.A.I.L., a large international corporation based in North America, had uncovered artifacts of an advanced technology, and paid the governments of the world to make the island "disappear".

1998, despite GAIL's largely successful efforts to keep the existence of New Austral Island concealed, rumors leaked into the scientific community. To stop the gossip and keep New Austral under wraps, a prominent Japanese Professor, Dr. Tagami, is killed in an "accident". But, before his untimely death, the professor wrote a letter to his thirteen-year-old son, Yuu, telling him of the existence of New Austral Island, that all information on it was being controlled by GAIL, and, that if anything should happen to him, Yuu should go to New York to meet his student, Dr. Thomas Wave. When Yuu gets to New York and meets up with Dr. Wave, his kid sister, Doris, and their pet dog, Argos, they are immediately targeted by GAIL for extermination. Fortunately, the group is saved by Dr. Wave's mysterious, highly skilled "friend" , known only as "The Skipper". GAIL's aged chairman, Roy Balboa seeks to pass on his company to his wastrel grandson, Rod. He appoints him as the new head of GAIL's Austral Island branch, and sends him off to the South Seas to prove himself. While being targeted by GAIL, Yuu and his group also make their way to New Austral Island.

On the island, GAIL is not making much progress, and is harassed by a guerrilla force of Polynesian natives. Yuu, Doris, Dr. Wave, Argos, and the Skipper are shipwrecked by a mechanical monster. The Skipper, Dr. Wave and Doris are picked up by the guerrillas and meet the group's shaman leader, Hotsumatsua, while Yuu and Argos wash ashore elsewhere and are saved and befriended by a giant, humanoid robot, known to the natives as: Gorg, the messenger of God. Will Gorg lead our heroes to the mysterious 30,000 year old secrets of New Austral Island?

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"Giant Gorg" is an interesting series. While following a young guileless teenager and his giant robot protector fighting against an evil corporation, the show explores the motivations behind each group of its characters' actions. Towards the end, there ceases to really be "bad guys" and "good guys". Alliances, friendships, and betrayals are based on common interests, needs, and goals. Those with the noblest and most scientific ideals are willing to commit mass murder for what they feel is their best course of action, while self-serving egotists seek to save an entire population. It's a super robot show that takes a hard, pessimistic, yet ultimately hopeful look at the worth of mankind.

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