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"Demon of Steel: Battle of the Great Demon Beasts" is an hour long OVA from 1987, directed by Toshihiro Hirano ("Dangaioh", "Fight! Iczer-1", "Hades Project Zeorymer", "Vampire Princess Miyu"), with character designs by Naoyuki Onda ( “Sol Bianca”, “Ai no Kusabi”, “Maryu Senki”), stupendous mechanical designs by Koichi Ohata (“MD Geist”, “Cybernetics Guardian”, “Genocyber”), and, Masami Obari ( “Gowcaizer”, “Fatal Fury”, “Detonator Orgun”, “Platinumhugen Ordian”)was one of its animation directors!

" Takuya... Kill Me!"

In 1999, a new particle, the Quark of Malhuder, is discovered in the cyclotron of the San Sarah research station on an unmapped island, Kushini. Japan's military defense force uses the particle to create a space based satellite laser weapon, the Malhuder Beam. During the testing of this weapon, the beam doesn't just destroy its target; it tears through the very fabric of our existence, opening a portal to another dimension, and bringing through it... something from another world! The Base Commander, Galun Hayetz, orders at gun point two student research spectators, Takuya Gloose and Haruka Alford, to recover a sample from the unknown entity. After the sample's recovery, disgruntled Takuya leaves the research station, while Haruka stays on to head a new research project. However, three years later, Takuya will return to San Sarah, after receiving a letter from Haruka. In that letter, Haruka pleads with Takuya to come back to the research station to help... and to kill him.

"Haruka... Now, I understand..."

Haruka had continued to study the Quark of Malhuder. He created a new particle laser and reopened the inter-dimensional portal bringing another alien being into our dimension. This bio-mechanical demon fiend (the very Will of Destruction!) fused itself with the particle, and took over Haruka's mind, forcing him to steal enough energy for the monster to lay waste to, and destroy, all of humanity. Using the last of his very being before being sucked into the demon entity, Haruka gives Takuya the sample taken from the first alien being, and tells Takuya he must awaken the Steel Demon and stop him.

"Burning Eyes... I am fighting against loneliness..."

After a 1980s pop-rock ballad montage, Takuya awakens the first monster machine, and faces off against his malevolent friend on the field of battle for the fate of mankind in: The Battle of the Great Demon Beasts!

AWESOME! The first 40 minutes or so were a bit tedious. But all was forgiven, when Haruka went megalomaniacal, the seas churned, stormy skies became lit with lightning, and the two most amazing designed monster-mechs hit the scene and started struttin' their stuff.

 Steel Demon 01

 Steel Demon 02

 Steel Demon 03

 Steel Demon 04
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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