Bride Of Deimos

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"Bride of Deimos" is a one-shot OVA from 1988 based on a chapter from the eponymous seventeen volume manga/comic. The OVA was directed by Rintaro (“Boys' Detective Team”, “Sabu to Ichi”, the original “Captain Harlock” TV series, “ Neo-Tokyo: Labyrinth - Labyrinthos”, “Dagger of Kamui”, “Metropolis”, etc. ), with character designs by Hiroshi Ashibe (Character Designer on "Cyber City Oedo"), and art direction by Youko Nagashima (background artist on "Wicked City" and "A Wind Named Amnesia").

The goddess Venus and her brother, Deimos, have been punished for their forbidden love. She has been shackled in thorny vines in the underworld and left to rot for eternity, while he has been transformed into a demon. The slowly rotting corpse of the beautiful goddess calls to her lover, and asks him to travel to the human realm to find her a new body. Deimos finds high school newspaper reporter, Minako Ifu.

While covering an international flower competition with her friend, Hisamatsu, Minako marvels at the beauty of the competition's winning flower, the Blue Lady Orchid, raised by Touko Ohba. Hisamatsu explains that Touko is a famous orchid cultivator, the only one who can achieve such beauty, but that she is a recluse who never leaves her home or attends competitions. However, Hisamatsu has uncovered her address, and plans on paying Touko a visit. When Hisamatsu disappears, and Minako learns that his family is filing a missing person's report, she decides to visit the Ohba home.

"Though the flowers wither, their scent remains. A strong scent of suspicion."

Deimos appears before Minako and tells her that she mustn't go near the house, however, she ignores his warnings. She sneaks onto the grounds, meets Touko's brother Kaname, and catches a glimpse of the illusive Touko, herself. Kaname desperately pushes Minako away from the house, and tells her never to return. But, Minako is driven to uncover the truth. Why do the Ohba Orchids flower more beautifully than any other?

"Forget all about me and my sister! Forget everything by the time this flower wilts!"

A nicely put together one-shot horror story. I don't know how it is in the manga, but, in the OVA, Deimos does not seem like another character. He is more like a personification of Minako's own thoughts, feelings, and ideas, as she tries to think through events. The most compelling characters are Kaname and Touko. Their relationship and their emotions towards one another are complex, and their tale is an interesting and horrific take on the idea that people must make sacrifices in life, because of familial responsibility.

"One cannot know the heat of fire until they are burned."

 Bride of Deimos 01

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