Devilman - 1972-73

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Before it was a two-part 1987 and 1990 OVA, or a 2000 one-shot pay-per-view / OVA, and long before it became a 2018 Netflix series, "Devilman" was a 39 episode TV series running from 1972 to 73, based on a ground breaking manga by Go Nagai (“Getter Robo”, “Cutey Honey”, “Violence Jack”).

On a mountain-climbing trip in the Himalayas, Akira Fudou and his father, Reijiro, fall into a crevasse, and are assaulted by three demons. The two men are killed and the demons fight over who will posses Akira Fudou's body. The winner of the brawl is the proud demon warrior, Devilman.

Demon Lord Xenon, leader of the Demon Clan, has decided it is time for his clan to infiltrate the human world, and he sends Devilman to sow violence, evil, and destruction. Now in the guise of Akira Fudou, Devilman is taken in by Reijiro Fudou's friend, Kozo Makimura, and the Makimura family. Upon entering the Makimura household, Devilman meets Kozo's daughter, Miki, and decides she's the girl for him. He forgoes his evil plans of destruction, and betrays Xenon and the Demon Clan. Enraged by this turn of events, Xenon sends his monster minions to dispose of the traitorous Devilman, and spread chaos throughout Japan.

" He's a Hero. Hero for Justice. Devilman! Devilman!" However, still being a demon, Devilman is coarse, rough and violent, so Miki yells, nags, and slaps him, to keep him in check.

A monster of the week kids cartoon with some awesome demon designs and funky 1970s music.

 Devilman -1972- 01

 Devilman -1972- 02

 Devilman -1972- 03

 Devilman -1972- 04
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