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“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” is a 25-episode TV series from 2012-2013, and a prequel to the 1988 OVA, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”. Based on a manga/comic by the only mangaka/comic creator who’s been commissioned by both Gucci and the Louvre, the classic-rock loving, “immortal” Hirohiko Araki (“BAOH”), and produced by David Productions (“Level E”), it chronicles the multi-generational struggle between the virtuous, high born, generous, morally incorruptible, star-crossed Joestar family… and monstrous undead vampires created by ancient Aztec stone masks.

“I always come first! I’m number one! No one looks down their nose at me!”
“But, I just want to be friends!”

The story begins in late nineteenth century England. Guileless, straight-arrow, Jonathan Joestar, a.k.a. JoJo, uncovers his evil, low born, adopted brother, Dio Brando’s, nefarious scheme to kill their father and takeover the estate. Cornered by Jonathan and his allies: the reformed ruffian, Robert Speedwagon, and the jolly-good fellows of Scotland Yard; Dio dons an Aztec mask from the family’s handy-dandy artifact collection, and is transformed into a super-powerful vampire. In order to stop Dio’s new vile plan for world domination, Jonathan is contacted by an Italian sailor turned archeologist cum mystic martial artist, Will Zeppeli, who tells of the mask’s origins, and of the breathing, sun-channeling, vampire killing marital art, Hammon. Together, JoJo, Speedwagon, and Zeppeli team up with Hammon Master, Tompetty, and fellow students of the occult, Dire and Straits, to try to defeat Dio and his minions: slaughtering sociopath Jack the Ripper; revenge seeking resurrected Knight Retainers of Mary, Queen of Scots, Bruford and Tarkus; and devious ex-drug dealer Wang Chan.

“And, now you’ll say …”
“Next, you’ll ask …”

The saga continues, now set in New York, in 1938, with Jonathan’s grandson, the overconfident, grand-standing brawler, Joseph Joestar, also a.k.a. JoJo. After defeating his grandfather’s onetime companion turned vampire, Straits, Joseph travels to Mexico to uncover the whereabouts of Speedwagon, who wanted to discover more about the mask. JoJo finds a nest of Nazis researching an undead Aztec, Santana; and learns of the Third Reich’s plan to study the stone mask’s creators, the “Pillar Men”. He takes off to fascist Italy’s Venice, and learns the art of Hammon from Will Zeppeli’s grandson, Caesar, and the beautiful Hammon Master, Lisa Lisa, in order to face off against the immortal Pillar Men: AC/DC, Wham, and Cars.

Going further than the utmost extreme, past maximum intensity, and surpassing self-parody, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” resides in a fabulous sparkling Shonen realm all of its own.

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 JoJo TV 02

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 JoJo TV 04
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