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“Samurai Deeper Kyo” is a 26-episode, manga based TV series, from 2002. It was directed by Junji Nishimura (“Ranma ½”, “D-1 Devastator”, “Zenki”); and its creatures were designed by “Basilisk” Character Designer, Michinori Chiba.

Since before recorded history, through infiltration of the ruling regimes, the sub-rosa Mibu clan has controlled all of Japan. However, in 1582, at Honnô-ji Temple, the Mibu lost their last planted leader, the 6th Demon King, Oda Nobunaga.

Eighteen years later, with whatever power they still wielded, the Mibu instigated the last great battle of the Warring States era, The Battle of Sekigahara. Using the power of the Mibu priestess, Sakuya, combined with the bloodlust of the Tokugawa and Toyotomi warriors, they planned to call forth a comet to open a portal to the Demon Realm, and bring back Nobunaga from the netherworld in the body of their wayward Red King, Demon Eyes Kyo. Seeking to foil their plans, the clan’s top swordsman, Kyoshiro, chose to meet and defeat Kyo on the battlefield before the arrival of the comet. Sakuya, who loves Kyoshiro (and by default Kyo), sent the Sanada Warlord, Yukimura, to stop the fight. But, before the battle, the comet hit, and Kyoshiro and Kyo were enveloped in mist…

Four years have past since Sekigahara, and the Tokugawa now rule Japan. Ronin, affected by the impact of the comet and the power of the Demon Realm, roam Japan as monsters known as Kenyou. Missing his memories of the battle, and of the Mibu, Kyoshiro travels Japan as a simple medicine seller. However, deep within him lies the soul of Demon Eyes Kyo. In order to save the life of the revenge seeking bounty hunter, Yuya Shiina, when she’s suddenly threatened by a powerful Kenyou, Kyo takes control of Kyoshiro’s body. With the help of the runaway Tokugawa heir, Hidetada, acting under the assumed name of Benitora; the aforementioned warlord, Yukimura; a monk seeking to correct the series’ timeline to that of actual events, Migeira; and the beautiful bounty hunter, Yuya, Kyo must regain Kyoshiro’s memories, find out what happened at Sekigahara, and reclaim his own body -- before the Mibu, along with Nobunaga’s monstrous minions, the Jyuni Shinsho (a reference to the 12 Heavenly Generals of the Medicine Buddha), resurrect Oda Nobunaga inside it!

Mumyo Jinpu Ryu, Satsujin Ken…

“Samurai Deeper Kyo” is an action packed, fun, Shonen/ Boys’ anime. Though its fight animation was highly limited, and its story was convoluted (I never would have guessed that they’d wind up fighting on Tokyo Tower), the series provided appealing, kickass characters and intricately detailed monster designs. Kyo is so badass that even actual history can’t contain, or constrain him.

You heard it, didn’t you?
The voice of the wind.

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