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“Rei Rei: Missionary of Love”, a pair of pornographic, 30-minute, sex comedy OVAs from 1993, is based on a manga/comic by Toshimitsu Shimizu ( Original Manga Creator of “Airbats”).

From her ethereal manor, the magical, buxom, love Princess, Kaguya gazes out at the moon. However, her mystic view becomes clouded by the unfulfilled cries of Japan’s sexually frustrated, love-sick losers. In order to clear her view, and ensure the love making of Japanese nerds, Kaguya, accompanied by her faithful, diminutive butler, Pipi, will do whatever it takes: from turning gangly geeks into busty women to woo the women they want from evil controlling lesbians; to forcing herself on an insipid, mama’s boy, computer gamer, changing him into a sex-crazed tentacle monster.

“Why must this beautiful view of the moon once again be obscured by the planet’s woes and sorrows?”

Unfortunately, despite having a lot of nicely detailed advertising art, a very pretty protagonist, and some occasionally funny moments, “Rei Rei” the show is too odd and creepy to be consistently humorous, and too awkwardly animated and simplistically drawn to be very erotic.

 Rei Rei 01

Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

Presentation 8.65/10   Collection 9.12/10   Overall 8.70/10   Votes 65 votes
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