Sekiei Ayakashi Mangatan

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“Sekiei Ayakashi Mangatan” is a 2012 three episode ONA (Original Net Animation), running about 15-minutes in total. A promotion for the 8-volume net Manga/Comic begun in 2010 by Takanori Kawai, it can be viewed on the Young Jump website.

After donning a second-hand Kimono, a young lady named Sayu finds she has been possessed by the multi-handed, petty thief demon, Kosode-no-te. Demonic hands sprout from the sleeves of her clothes and steal small items from all those she encounters. Worse yet, she finds that she is unable to take the kimono off! Wracked with guilt and shame, she seeks out the only known Edo era demon hunter, the eccentric, demon painting Ukiyo-e artist, Karasuyama Sekiei.

With the aid of his assistants, the demure Yoyo, and the knowing Keukegen (whose hair was used to make his greatest demon fighting weapon: the Keukegen Brush), Sekiei must find a way to strip Sayu; before her very soul will be controlled by the demon.

It possesses the requisite anime fan pandering side characters, and has incredibly limited animation; but, “Sekiei Ayakashi Mangatan” is fast moving, lean, and well-paced. Almost every scene serves to move the plot forward and shows off the series’ cool under fire, badass hero, with his unique arsenal of antique artist’s tools and weaponry. And, it has some very nice monster designs.

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