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“Cutie (Cutey) Honey” is an anime and manga franchise, which started in 1973 with the original comic by Go Nagai (“Getter Robo”, “Devilman”, “Violence Jack”), and a TV series. A little less than two decades later, the series was rejuvenated with a sexed-up, tongue in cheek, shounen/boys 8-volume OVA in 1994, titled “New Cutie Honey”, which was then followed by a second (this time crafted for a female audience) TV series in 1997, titled “Cutie Honey Flash”. Honey was brought back again in the 2000s for a live action adaptation (2004); a new OVA, directed by Gainax perv Hideaki Anno, titled “Re: Cutie Honey” (2004), and a new manga, “Cutie Honey a GoGo!” (2005). It is considered by many to be the forerunner of all transforming “magical girl” shows (think “Sailor Moon”).

Our world is in danger from the evil cyborg criminal organization, “Panther Claw”. After the demise of her scientist father, Professor Kisaragi, at the hands of Panther Claw, sweet, demure Honey Kisaragi (in the1970s version a Catholic Schoolgirl) learns she is really an android, and uses her father’s latest creation, the “Fixed System of Air Elements”, to tear off all her clothes (woohoo) and transform herself into various forms and disguises, in order to stop Panther Claw (headed by her lesbian “sisters”, Jill and Panther Zora). In the “New Cutie Honey” OVA, she is aided in her quest of defeating monstrous minions by the Hayami family (a homage to Nagai’s “Abashiri Family”).

“Honey Flash!”

In order to protect those she loves, and defend the common citizenry, buxom Honey is transformed into a variety of kinky, fetish, dress-up careers, from Biker-chick to Idol-singer, from Schoolgirl to Super Hero to, in the first OVA, Bondage Queen.

 Cutey Honey 01

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