Cosmos Pink Shock

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“Cosmos Pink Shock” is a 35-minute, one-volume OVA from 1986, which features the shiny-eyed, glossy-lipped character designs of Toshihiro Hirano ( “Megazone 23”, “Iczer”, “Dangaioh”), and the ultra-detailed mechanical designs of Rei Yumeno ( “AD Police”, “Gall Force”).

In the year 2106 AD, an unknown “hyper rocket” leaves Pluto. The space port control tower calls the unauthorized rocket and pleads with it to stop, and the military threatens to blast it out of the sky; but it won’t stop. The ship blasts through the Solar System, disrupting everything from baseball games, to intergalactic battles over culture, women’s rights, and idol singers (yeah, right) … and it doesn’t stop. It is the “Pink Shock”, and there is nothing that can stop it …. That is, until it runs out of gas.

“Pink Shock … No Stop … Power Up!”

Piloted by the energetic, capricious, pink-haired airhead, Mitsuko Hayami (Micchi for short), the Pink Shock falls into the hands of the Jupiter Military, and the woman hating, Harlock wannabe, Captain Gatsby. Despite despising the naturally fickle, self-obsessed, and moronic behavior of "all women", Gatsby is moved by Micchi’s tale of woe. When she was four, her classmate friend, Hiro, gave her a Cracker-Jack box pendant and promised to marry her. But, he was abducted by aliens as a specimen from a backwater planet, and she’s been looking for him ever since. At seventeen, Micchi’s already starting to “get old”, so she’s rushing around to find Hiro before it’s too late. Gatsby, along with a group of creepy, peeping, ugly, misfit, fan-boy Micchi stalkers, must save Mitsuko before Gatsby’s boss, the Jupiter Military Commander, executes her for being an intergalactic annoyance. Will Micchi be able to continue her under-defined, enigmatic quest for love?

“Keep Going and never stop, Pink Shock!”

“Comos Pink Shock” is as fast paced and energetic as a little kid on a sugar high. Unfortunately, this parody straddles the line between sci-fi silliness and sleaziness. Despite its perky, upbeat tempo, it’s uncomfortably close to being a candy-coated, misogynistic creepster’s cant; especially when Gatsby is inducted into Micchi’s voyeuristic fan-club, and is offered lewd pictures of her. It must be hell to be a Japanese girl.

 Cosmos Pink Shock 01

 Cosmos Pink Shock 02

 Cosmos Pink Shock 03

 Cosmos Pink Shock 04
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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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