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“Maryū Senki” is a 1987 OVA released as part of AIC’s whimsically sleazy “Pink” Noise series (“Call Me Tonight”, “Hikaruon”, “Body Jack”). However, unlike the other Pink Noise one shots, “Maryuu Senki” was brought back by Bandai funding two years later, in 1989, and completed with a different look from its character designer Naoyuki Onda ( “Sol Bianca”, “Ai no Kusabi”, “Legend of the Galactic Heroes”), in two additional OVA volumes.

In a time long past and forgotten, the rule of the Imperial Court was supported by the sub-rosa Kidou Family. Using fear and dark, nightmarish magic, they helped to control all of Japan; but, they were too powerful … too dangerous. Fearing for their own safety, the imperial courtiers had the leader of the Kidou decapitated.

Generations later, this family, the Kidousyuu, seeks to revive their long dead ancestor. Using the power of the forbidden Ingyou Jakan spell, the family’s head, Toshiro Chiyogi, called upon the Shitenno (Four Gods of Heaven) in order to resurrect the dark lord using his own son, Miki Chiyogi. However, Toshiro’s efforts were for naught; the ceremony was disrupted, and he was killed by the Mantrayana Buddhist monk, Gendou. Called to our world and left unbound, the spirits of the Heavenly Deities: Tortoise (Genbu), Phoenix (Sujyaku), Dragon (Seiryuu), and Tiger (Byakko), were scattered, and attached themselves to four disparate people. Toshiro’s son received the soul of Seiryuu; the monk, Gendou, received Genbu; a potter, Hiyuu Kyouichi, received Byakko; and, a young school girl, Shiho, received Sujyaku.

In order to unite the gods within himself, Miki uses his unearthly powers to change the Kidousyuu Ninja, the Syanka, into an army of grotesque, inhuman, mutant monsters; and sends them forth to seek the souls of the three other Shitenno.

“Accept … Seiryuu”

Attractive girls scream in horror as badass guys fight and sacrifice themselves for the Fate of the World against people who morph into drooling monsters made of giant teeth, bulging eyeballs, and lumpy, pulsating, masses of inverted flesh. A quintessential ‘80s OVA, “Evil Dragon War Chronicles” … ROCKS!

 Maryuu Senki 01

 Maryuu Senki 02

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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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