D-1 Devastator

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“D-1 Devastator” is a two volume OVA released from 1992 to 1993; directed by Junji Nishimura ( “Ranma ½”, “Samurai Deeper Kyo”, “Shuten Doji”, “Zenki”), with character designs by Manga-ka/Comic Creator Choji Maboroshi (“Gorgon”), mecha designs by Yasuhiro Moriki (“Gravion”, “Salamander”, “Silent Mobius”), and mecha animation by Masami Obari ( “Detonator Orgun”, “Gowcaizer”, “Platinumhugen Ordian”).

2032 AD …
Tokyo has somehow become connected to another dimension. This is a world that can only be reached by speed, the land of the “Devastators”; giant robotic alien monsters that can take on, or fuse together the physical attributes of whomever or whatever they come in contact with.

After the mysterious disappearance of his friend, Masato, brash, young, racecar driving hothead, Ryo Yatabe is lured to the track, and to a new experimental car, the Versus, by the Yaesu Industries Japan Branch’s new Chairman: the evil, manipulative American, John Grey Gear. However, Mr. Gear is nowhere to be seen, and when security shows up, Ryo hops into the car to escape. Within seconds of hitting the raceway, he’s doing over 300kmh, and is accosted by hallucinations of eyeballs, as he is transported to the world of the Devastators. Saved from the monsters by a squad of mysterious, international fighters, he slams on his brakes and returns to Japan.

Yaesu Industries, under the direction of Grey Gear, is testing the limits of Tokyo’s dimensional gateway by conducting experiments using the unwitting common citizenry. While working under the ruthless Gear, the local superiors, beautiful ex- college chum, Kaoru Shindo and her Chief Yamashiro, leave it up to Ryo, with the aid of his Mechanic and Navigation Officer, Nami Hoshino, along with the aforementioned international team in their own super fast, robot-transforming cars, to protect the inhabitants of Tokyo; even as the parent company attempts to keep the new dimension an in-house secret, by any means necessary.

Don’t strain yourself by trying to make sense of the plot.
Manly badasses, and buxom babes in racecar robots -- can you say, “Hell, Yeah!”
It’s not really souped-up… unless it can change into a ROBOT.

 D-1 Devastator 01

 D-1 Devastator 02

 D-1 Devastator 03

 D-1 Devastator 04
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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