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“Mazinkaiser (Mazinkaizer) SKL” is a three volume OVA directed by Jun Kawagoe (Director of “Shutendoji-ep.3”, “Shin Kotetsu Jeeg”, “Shin Getter Robo”, “Super Robot Wars Original Generation”) and created by Go Nagai (“Devilman”, “Getter Robo”, “Gaiking”, “Violence Jack”). Episode one was first screened in 2010, and the entire series was later released in 2011. It’s another in a long line of works spawned by Go Nagai’s beloved, 1972 giant robot, Mazinger Z.

“Pilder … on!”

Cordoned off from the rest of the world, Machine Island exists as a land of chaos, death, and destruction; where three kingdoms vie with each other for dominance. Using giant reactors that tap into the island‘s "gravity engine" core, the bellicose warlord monarchy of Galan, the vicious bandit group of Kiba, and the pretty pink, peace-loving priestesses of the Octagon Collective of Aira, amass armies of giant humanoid mecha. With each newly constructed machine, the island’s huge core is pushed closer to complete meltdown, and the entire world takes one step closer to oblivion.

Outside, the united military of the future, the WSO, has had to take extreme measures. Two squads of the SKL (Skull) Force, “Death Caprice” and “Gren Falcon”, were sent in to infiltrate Machine Island, crush all resistance, and deactivate the reactors. All that now remains of Death Caprice are the badass pilots of the skull covered, cape wearing, heavy metal mecha, Mazinkaizer SKL: “Amon-6”, the hot-blooded, sword expert, Ken Kaido; and “Lucifer-4”, the cold as ice, master gunman, Ryo Magami. Together with the sole survivor of Gren Falcon: the brilliant, beautiful, Tsubasa Yuuki; they must somehow save the world from total annihilation.

But, our time is almost up!
The reactors are at their limit, and the three factions are about to enter a final, apocalyptic, End Game battle.

“We are HELL!”

Plot and character development are for wusses. This show brings you manly, live by your own code of honor, badasses--and their giant, brightly colored, mecha machines of death--pummeling and beating the bejeezus out of each other. Finally, the anime geek worlds of giant robots, gruesome monsters, and post apocalyptic hells have merged to form their ultimate state: “CB Chara Go Nagai World” ….uh…but for full-size--no, outsize--“Mazinkaizer SKL”. Accompanied by brain melting J-Metal, let’s ride a giant, double scythe wearing, mechanized, skeletal Pegasus of Death!

 Mazinkaizer SKL 01

 Mazinkaizer SKL 02

 Mazinkaizer SKL 03

 Mazinkaizer SKL 04
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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