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Disney’s Aladdin TV series was an 86-episode, 1994-96 sequel to the eponymous 1992 theatrical animated motion picture. Its first four originally planned episodes were used instead as the 1994 direct to video movie, “Return of Jafar”.

The series follows the continuing exploits of the street-wise urchin cum engaged Agrabahrian prince, Aladdin; his wife to be, sassy Princess Jasmine; his quick-fingered, thieving pet monkey with a heart of gold, Abu; smart-aleck magical pals, Genie and Flying Carpet; and arrogant, mouthy, misanthrope parrot, Iago, as they go on fun magical adventures, and take on vile (but still kid friendly), punning faux-Arabic named villains like, Abis Mal, Mamoud, Mechanicles, and Mozenrath. Ah, to return to a time before 9/11...

“Follow me to a place where incredible feats are routine every hour, or so.
Where enchantment runs rampant, gets wild in the streets.
Open sesame, here we go …”

My favorite of the Disney animated movie TV cartoon sequels. Though often heavy handed with its juvenile lessons on morality and obviously created to cater to as broad an audience as possible, it overcomes this and the failings of many other early morning kid cartoons with its fun characters, catty dialog, and pretty-dang-good-for-TV animation.

 Aladdin 01

 Aladdin 02

 Aladdin 03

 Aladdin 04
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