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“Level E” is a 13 episode TV series from 2011, based on the three-volume 1995-97 manga/comic by Yoshihiro Togashi (“YuYu Hakusho”, “Hunter X Hunter”). Its Character Designer and Chief Animation Director was Itsuko Takeda (character designs “Mirage of Blaze”, “Galaxy Railways”), who did the opening credits of “Platinum Hugen Ordian”.

Unbeknownst to mankind, hundreds of alien species live amongst us disguised as normal everyday people. While most adapt, blend-in, and live peacefully within our society…
others do not.

Hotshot, high school freshman, member of Japan’s middle school champion baseball team, Yukitaka Tsutsui, uses a sports scholarship to move out on his own from Tokyo to the rural, northern Yamagata prefecture. Upon his arrival, he finds a strange blonde man who claims to be an amnesiac alien in his apartment. Feeling sorry for the guy, nice guy (read: chump) Yukitaka reluctantly lets the unwanted guest stay. However, his freeloading boarder is no ordinary human, or ordinary alien for that matter. The lodger is the Dogurian Prince Baka Ki El Dogra, who has run away from his boring royal duties to go on a Roman Holiday of pleasure; insulting, tormenting, and belittling kindhearted suckers. Prince “Baka” (“fool” in Japanese) is a thorn in the side of the entire universe, an annoying blight who uses his high IQ and position to come up with convoluted and ingenious new ways to irritate, humiliate, and punk all those unfortunate enough to come into contact with him, ranging from normal humans, Yukitaka, and elementary school children: Akagawa, Shimizu, Yokota, Mayuzumi, and Momochi; to various other extraterrestrials; but most especially those whom we meet from his own world, unlucky enough to have the job being his Royal Guards: Kraft, Sade, and Colin.

“Hey! I’m the prince of Planet Dogura! I’m coming to kidnap you now, thanks!”

Triumph of the jerks! While sympathizing with the put-upon, “Level E” is a frequently wicked funny comedy that celebrates those smartasses who get away with everything, while posing as innocent or well-meaning, as they hurt and pester others-- for fun. Like its lead, the show is a little too clever and teasing for its own good. Most of the series’ story is told episodically by digressing into and comparing unrelated events, and diving into the stories of newly introduced side characters. However, these moments that at first appear to be extemporaneous, irrelevant, and unconnected, actually begin to setup later events, as the viewer is barraged by one whacked out scenario followed by another.

“Are you ready?”

 Level E 01

 Level E 02

 Level E 03

 Level E 04
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