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“Panzer World Galient” is a 25 episode TV series released from 1984 through 1985; directed by Ryôsuke Takahashi ( “Votoms”, “Layzner”, “Gasaraki”, “Blue Gender”), and with mechanical designs by Yutaka Izubuchi ( “Patlabor”, “Gasaraki”). There is also a 1986, three volume OVA that retold the TV story, and included a re-imagined, character shifted, version as its last volume. This OVA added mecha designer, Kunio Okawara ( “Gundam”, “Votoms”, “Layzner”).

In a far away galaxy, the Crescent Galaxy, medieval kingdoms still exist and battle for dominance. For three thousand years the house of Volder had ruled the land of Arst, but, twelve years ago the kingdom fell to the forces of the nefarious Mardal, the Conqueror. Using the forgotten, forbidden, long buried robotic technology of “Panzers”, the heinous fiend killed the king, took over his land, and enslaved the people -- in a single night. As Queen Felia attempted to escape with the king’s newborn son, Jordy, and his most trusted guard, Asbeth, she was captured, and frozen by dark magic. However, with the aid of a strange light from the sky, Asbeth and the baby prince escaped.

After the conquest of Arst, Mardal builds a fortress factory of steel and excavates more Panzers, to build up an army strong enough to subjugate not just the planet, but all of the Crescent Galaxy! Raised on the run with a sword in his hand, the now twelve-year-old Jordy seeks the ancient Panzer of legend, the colossal iron giant, Galient. With the help of Chururu, the ten-year-old daughter of the leader of a small group of the resistance, he finds the machine buried in a cave outside White Valley. With this medieval mecha; the aid of the young Chururu; the help of the “experienced” protector of Galient, Hilmuka; and the smartass, savvy wiles of the erstwhile thief, Red Wind; Jordy fights against Mardal’s Commander, the conflicted and skillful Panzer pilot, High Schultatte, to free his mother, and all of Arst, from the grasp of the vile Mardal.

“When evil rules the world, Galient, the Iron Giant, manifests and cleanses this world of darkness.”

After I had watched “Dunbine” and “Escaflowne”, I was of the sad opinion that there were no more medieval world-giant mecha anime, but I was wrong … forsooth there is Panzer World Galient (plus these ‘bots feature those awesome sounding wheels from “Votoms”)! Unfortunately, even though there are complete English versions of both the opening and ending songs, there was no American release for this show. I guess someone felt it was just a little too intense (with lots of actual death) for US elementary school kids.

 Galient 01

 Galient 02

 Galient 03

 Galient 04
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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