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“Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01” is a 50-minute OVA from 1988; directed by Shinji Aramaki (Mechanical Designer “Transformers”, “MOSPEADA”, “Bubblegum Crisis”, “Gasaraki”; Director “Gaiarth”; creator of “MegaZone 23”).

The American Military and a Japanese arms manufacturer, Okawasaki Heavy Industries, have created the ultimate weapon: a personalized one-man tank, the armored battle suit Slave Trooper Type-01, Code Name -- MADOX-01.

During routine transport to Ichigaya, the MADOX’s military convoy is involved in a traffic accident with a drunk driver, and the machine is blown into the delivery truck of one Onose Haruo. Not knowing what to make of the thing, he takes it to his friend, Engineering Major, Military Mech-Head, and part-time Mechanic, Kouji Sugimoto. Thrilled by the idea of getting his fingers on some kewl hardware, Kouji gladly takes the suit off of Onose’s hands.

“This is hot! I get excited just looking at it … Maybe I can even make it move!”

While he is checking it out, the MADOX sucks Kouji inside, due to its having been incautiously still set in Scramble Mode from its earlier testing. Unable to get out, with an 8:00 farewell dinner date scheduled with his girlfriend, Nagura Shiori (who’s going to England for three years), Kouji has to battle his way through the mean streets of Tokyo; the Japanese Self Defense Force; and the American recovery team, especially Lt. Kilgore, a cocky, revenge crazed American Tank Driver; to see his love one last time.

“Tokyo, or Vietnam, it’s all the same battlefield to me...”

Awesome mechanical mania! Filled with great scenes, such as when Kouji smashes suited up through a mini-mart and asks the checkout clerk for a frozen meal, or when he stops at an ordinary gas station to fill-up the futuristic secret military hardware’s diesel tank. Though it occasionally preaches an antiwar, “aren’t all weapons evil” message, MADOX-01 does so while gleefully showing off just how freaking cool badass those weapons can be.




Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

Presentation 8.65/10   Collection 9.12/10   Overall 8.70/10   Votes 65 votes
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