Wingman, Dream Warrior

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“Dream Warrior Wingman” is a 47-episode TV series from 1984; based on the manga/comic by Masakazu Katsura (creator of “Video Girl Ai”, and original character designer of “Iria”, “Tiger and Bunny”), directed by Tomoharu Katsumata ( “Gaiking”, “Ga-Keen”, “Danguard Ace”, “Arcadia of My Youth”, “Red Shadow”) and with character designs by Yoshinori Kanemori ( “Queen Millenia”, “Rail of the Star”, “Twilight of the Cockroaches”).

Kenta Hirono is a geeky Junior High School student. As he doodles hero designs in the margins of his notebooks and changes into his homemade costume, he punishes “Evil Doers” who sleep in class, while he dreams of one day becoming a true “Ally of Justice”, Wingman.

After having been called into his Homeroom Teacher’s office for disrupting class, Kenta’s costume is confiscated, and he walks home pondering how he can continue to fight “Evil” …and catch the attention of shy, rhythm gymnast Miku Ogawa. Suddenly a strange notebook and an unconscious bikini clad babe fall out of the sky. With notebook in hand, and a half-naked woman in his arms, Kenta runs home before anyone gets the wrong idea about our hero of justice.

After laying the sleeping beauty on his bed, he decides the completely blank, pristine notebook is the perfect place to draw and write about his heroic alter ego, Wingman. Before he knows it, his body changes into a grid and he transforms into the hero of his dreams! The girl, Aoi Yume (Blue Dream), wakes up and explains that she comes from another dimension, “Podreams”, and she needs to destroy the “Dream Note”, which makes everything within its pages reality, before it gets into the hands of the evil Podreams usurper, Emperor Rimel. However, with his stories of the invincible champion of justice, Wingman, Kenta persuades Aoi not to destroy the book. She instead decides to use her magical “Dimension Powers”, Wingman Kenta, and the power of the Dream Note, to overthrow Rimel, and save her people. To his sheer delight, it’s Kenta’s heroic duty to fight evil in Podreams, as well as protect our dimension from Rimel’s minions, who come to our world in search of Aoi and the Dream Note.

“Chieng! Wingman!”

The “Wingman” manga features copies of the author’s own Middle School hero drawings, and the anime keeps that authentic feeling of being inside the mind of a child at that stage in his life. Although filled with jejune, pervy humor; self-aware, inside jokes; and, later on, all the women of a harem; the earnest innocence of Kenta Hirono, and his burning ardor to realize his dream to truly become a Real Hero, keeps the show from falling into either smartass cynicism, or outright sleaze, and makes for a fun story.

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