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“Cleopatra DC” is a 3-volume OVA from 1989 through 1991. From the manga, and with story and script, by Kaoru Shintani (“Area 88”, “Futari Daka”, “Desert Rose”); with character designs adapted by Nobuteru Yuki (“Battle Royale High School”, “Angel Cop”, “Five Star Stories”, “Lodoss War”), and, for episode 3, Minoru Yamazawa ( "Desert Rose", "Yu Yu Hakusho"). .

Young, hot-headed, parasailing, corvette driving, Cleopatra Corns is the heiress of the New York based Corns Group, the largest business conglomerate in the world. In fact, the business is so large that it is considered to be the Capital of the entire business world. With ties to almost every plausible major business transaction, it is affectionately known as the United States’ second D.C. (District of Columbia -- Dai-ichi Corns).

When deals go bad, and commercialism trades in human misery and suffering, you can bet it’s the racket of Corns’ biggest rival, the evil Sleider Syndicate. With the help of her friends and colleagues: “Goddess of the Boardroom”, Swen; information man, Eric; high flying pilot, Nacky; shy girl, Tina; and telekinetic, Sara; Cleo uses all the resources at her disposal to stop Sleider’s operatives: the mysterious, unnamed Lady in Purple; and the all too serious, yet unintentionally wacky, partially robotic, Col. Karts.

“Enact D.C.!”

“Cleopatra DC” is a breezy, action packed adventure, in the vein of Anime like: “Gunsmith Cats”, “Sol Bianca”, and “Desert Rose”. It holds the Japanese stereotypical view of Americans as being arrogant, bold, brash people who do whatever they want without any care for others’ opinions or for proper decorum. However, I can’t hold that against the series; because, as an American, I like this stereotype, and find it incredibly appealing and wish fulfilling. It has some fan service moments, but ultimately it’s just a really fun show that reminded me of great ‘60s cartoon adventure series like “Johnny Quest”, which can be enjoyed by all.

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