Boys' Detective Team

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“Boys' Detective Team” or “Detective Brat Pack” (“Wanpaku Tanteidan”) is a 35-episode TV series released in 1968, based on the well known Japanese novels by Hirai Taro (pen name: Edogawa Rampo, “Edgar Allen Poe”). It was chiefly directed by the great anime director, Rintaro (Shigeyuki Hayashi) (“Sabu to Ichi”, the original “Captain Harlock” TV series, “ Neo-Tokyo: Labyrinth - Labyrinthos”, “Dagger of Kamui”, “Metropolis”, etc. ) and featured episode direction by Osamu Dezaki ("Ashita no Joe", "Rose of Versailles", "Golgo 13", "Kasei Yakyoku", "Black Jack", etc.). Rampo’s original work was highly adapted for the stylish 1994 mystery movie, “The Mystery of Rampo” and the novel by Soh Kitamura, that was made into the 2008 family film, “K-20”.

Japan is struck by the peerless thief and master of disguise, the “Fiend with Twenty Faces”, Kaijin Nijû-Mensô. Able to don any visage and strike anywhere at any time, he is pursued by the master detective, Akechi Kogorô. Akechi is aided by the six member (five boys and one girl), victory sign flashing (originally BD badge wearing) Brat (originally Boys') Detective Team / Wanpaku Tanteidan: led by the stalwart, Kobayashi Yoshio; with tag-a-long tomboy, “Otoko”; small runt, “Chibi-chan”; big guy, “Debu-ton”; smart kid, “Mame-tan”, and lanky van driver, “Sute-yan”.

“Wanpaku Tanteidan, Move Out!”
“Signal V-Sign of Victory, V!”

 Wanpaku Tanteidan 01

 Wanpaku Tanteidan 02

 Wanpaku Tanteidan 03

 Wanpaku Tanteidan 04
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