Desert Rose

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“Desert Rose” is a 45-minute, one-shot OVA from 1993, based on a manga/comic by Kaoru Shintani (Creator of “Area 88”, “Twin Hawks”, and “Cleopatra DC”), directed by Yasunao Aoki (Director of “Inuyasha” and “Mon Colle Knights”, and Episode Director on “Patlabor” and “Rurouni Kenshin”) and with character designs by Minoru Yamazawa (a Character Designer on “Cleopatra DC”, and “Yu Yu Hakusho”).

Terrorism is on the rise and the world’s nations are unable to respond fast enough to stop it. Inhibited by pesky peace treaties, laws, and issues of foreign sovereignty, no governmental agency is able to apprehend these villains who strike from the shadows. Enter: the multi-national, privately owned, military Counter Attack Terrorism force, C.A.T., and their all female strike squad, Division-M. Led by their vengeance seeking commander, Mariko Rosebank, whose husband, Harold, and son, Timmy, were killed in a terrorist airport bombing, these badass babes fight to protect the peace-loving citizens of the world.

“My husband and my boy … they took away everything. I hate terrorists, for leaving me to survive. I hate terrorists!”

CAT: Division-M’s fun-in-the-sun Florida vacation is canceled, as the team is called into action to guard a secret, world-wide, summit meeting in the freezing, snow covered, Swiss Alps. Held in a secluded villa surrounded by mountainous terrain and elite Swiss soldiers, the only possible terrorist attack could be a planted device, but neither the army nor the team have found anything. Is the château really safe?

“You stopped them, but you also stopped their breathing.”
“I lost my temper.”

“Desert Rose” is a great, light-hearted, action show (despite the grotesque showing of little Timmy’s disembodied forearm still holding Mariko’s hand) of hot, wisecracking, kickass women shooting up the bad guys. It’s very similar in feel to other great female action favorites, “Cleopatra DC” and “Sol Bianca”.

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