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“Butt Attack Punisher Girl: Gautaman” (or “Gotaman”) as well as its sequel “Gautaman R”, a two volume OVA, was released in 1994. It’s Art Director was Masazumi Matsumiya (“Shuten Doji”, “Mirage of Blaze”) and the Character Designer and Animation Director was Eisaku Inoue ( an Animation Director for “Saint Seiya” and “One Piece”); It features beautiful watercolor backgrounds from Kazuhiko Suzuki (“Dragonball Z”, “Bleach”, “Naruto Shippuden”). And it’s screenplay is credited to Yu Yamamoto, whose versatile skill provided scripts for such dramatic action series as the original “Gundam” as well as the comedic “Time Bokan”, and “Urusei Yatsura”.

As more people seek refuge from the struggles of our mortal coil in devout faith, far-seeing Japan has formed a prestigious new boarding Middle and High School for anyone who wants to become a big-shot in any and all religious denominations: the PR (Perfect Religion) Academy. On her first day at school, ardent Christian Missionary in training, Mari Amachi, is unable to help her new roommate, hot lesbian, Hindu worshiping, Saori Minami, as she is abducted by the evil, born-again cult, Black Buddha. With a doctrine “higher than any mountain, and deeper than any sea” the Black Buddha gang forces conversion through fear, mind control, and … the tearing off of women’s clothes. As Mari prays to The Virgin Mary for a savior, unexpectedly, the great Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, appears and transforms the befuddled Catholic into the seven-chakra, Kundali, fundoshi (traditional Japanese loincloth) clad warrior of justice, Gautaman!

“Be as God and become a god. Be as Buddha and become a Buddha.
No matter what fate decries, I appear wearing the armor of Buddha …
Butt Attack Punisher Girl, Gautaman!”

Powered by this wedgie inducing underwear, as Gautaman, shy, retiring, reluctant hero Mari can take on the crazy, madcap minions of Black Buddha. But also, unknowingly, she fights against the man of her dreams, Student Council President Ryo Tobishima.

“O Lord forgive me. Even though I am your servant, I obeyed Buddha
…and, even worse…
I showed my bare bottom in front of men! I can’t go on!”

A “Magical Girl Series” inspired pervy/ecchi comedy featuring a host of pop culture icon cameos ( e.g., Ninja Turtles, Kyoshiro Nemuri, the Terminator…). Many of “Gautaman’s” jokes and sight gags are really funny, but, understandably, a lot of it is very insulting; and some of it is too weird, strange, and perverted (especially the way Mari’s Father recognizes and describes her butt, and physically assaults her). Oddly enough though, the series is able to reach a certain heartfelt pathos as Tobishima stays his attack when he realizes Gautaman is Mari -- a fatal choice.

 Gotaman 01

 Gotaman 02

 Gotaman 03

 Gotaman 04
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