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"Getter Robo" is a Japanese TV series, which aired in 1974. The show was continued in 1975 as "Getter Robo G". And a few OVAs were later made, when it was resurrected in the 1990s. "Getter Robo G" was dubbed into English, re-named "Starvengers", and released as part of "Force Five", a weekday cartoon show made up of five different Japanese cartoons. Unlike "Robotech", the more well known American series made up of three different Japanese anime, "Force Five" kept each series separate; each with its own storyline.

In "Getter Robo", mankind is attacked by a subterranean civilization of Dinosaur people, who battle with giant robots. To fight against this threat, three jets conceived of as a new kind of spaceship, with the ability to combine and form three different giant robots, are given to three Japanese teens: Ryoma Nagare (Homer Winthrow), Hayato Jin (Paladin Spencer) and Musashi Tomoe. The combined jet configurations are: Getter 1, Getter 2, and Getter 3.

In "Getter Robo G", Musashi is dead, mankind is saved from the Dinosaur Empire, the original ’bot is destroyed; and now, earth is under attack from Space Ogres (The 100 Ogres / Pandemonium Empire). Before the takeover of Earth, the Space Ogres seek to capture the Getter Labs, to obtain Prof. Saotome’s "Getter-Rays" (Omicron Rays), the fantastic force that powers Getter Robo. To stop the Space Ogres evil ambitions, a new even more powerful ’bot is constructed, and a new pilot, Benkei Kurama (Foul Tip), joins the team. The new ’bot’s combined jet configurations are: Getter Dragon (Star Dragon), Getter Liger (Star Arrow), and Getter Poseidon (Star Poseidon).

Almost all giant robot series pay homage to Ken Ishikawa and Go Nagai’s "Getter Robo". This anime is known as the forefather of the entire Combined-Giant-Robot Mecha Sub-Genre (think "Voltron", "Transformers", "Power Rangers", etc.). It also has a female jumpsuit like no other and... everyone must hear the "Starvengers" English dub; it’s hilarious.

 Getter Robo 01

 Getter Robo 02

 Getter Robo 03

 Getter Robo 04
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