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“Hi-Speed Jecy” is a 12-episode OVA released from 1989 through 1990. It features the very pretty, 1980s-era, “soft” character designs of Haruhiko Mikimoto ( “Macross”, “MegaZone 23”, and “Salamander” ).

Many years previously, in the middle of celebrating Jecy (Jesse) Moor’s birthday, his parents were killed when their spaceship was destroyed by an unknown vessel. With only a family crest as a clue to the other ship’s identity, Jecy vowed to seek out the villains responsible for their deaths.

Now a young man, Jecy has teamed up with a sugary sweet girlfriend, Tiana, and is warping through space on Paulon, the swank, A.I. run spaceship with an attitude. On a planet in the Orocos System, Jecy runs into Fork, a vigilante, justice seeking priest (I guess that makes him Fr. Fork--I wonder if there’s also a Fr. Knife… or Spoon) of the “Heartland” religion, which believes criminals need to be tortured and die in order to gain redemption. As Fork and Jecy get into a tussle over how an attempted rapist should be brought to justice, they’re suddenly interrupted by a beautiful woman, Terrene. She asks the two to accompany her to planet Garnet, but before the details of the operation are brought up, Tiana interrupts, and refuses to let Jecy go.

As the three accompany Terrene back to their mutual hotel, and settle in for the evening, Terrene is abducted. Fork and Jecy chase after the culprits and save her, but upon returning to the hotel they find that Tiana has been kidnapped. In a recorded message, Terrene tells them that she has taken Tiana, and if Jecy wants her back, he should come to planet Garnet.

Once on planet Garnet, Jecy is forced to submit to the authority of Terrene’s sister, the military commander, Jera, and her vicious, bloodthirsty brother, Cross. Terrene is the daughter, and reluctant servant, of Lou Bismarck, the vile leader of those responsible for Jecy’s parents’ deaths: the crime family, Bismarck. The old, diseased, and decaying villain desires all that the universe holds: the galaxy’s most powerful weapons, the lives of its innocent inhabitants, and most urgently, the science and materials needed to create an ultimate immortal body for himself. It’s up to Jecy, Fork, Tiana, and Paulon to put an end to the Bismarcks, and their father’s evil ambitions.

“Hi Speed Jecy” is an exciting, action packed, sci-fi adventure of goody-good guys (’cept maybe that part about torturing criminals) and vicious vile villains.

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