Ideon, Space Runaway

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“Legendary Giant God Ideon” (Densetsu Kyojin Ideon) aka “Space Runaway Ideon” is a 39 episode TV series released from 1980 through 1981. It was followed by two movies in 1982, the compilation movie, “The Ideon: A Contact”, and the nihilistic climactic battle film, “The Ideon: Be Invoked”.

In the distant future, mankind has discovered a new warp-like way to travel through space, DS Drive. With the aid of this new form of travel, we have gone far beyond the confines of our solar system, and have begun colonization of new planets. On one of these newly colonized planets, Solo, settlers have discovered the technologically advanced artifacts of a past alien civilization (Can you say, Krell?).

Unknown to the humanity of Earth, on the flip side of the galaxy there exists a separate humanity (who bear a striking resemblance to “Star Trek’s” Vulcans) known as the “Buff Clan”. For the past two years, their second Earth has been plagued by giant meteor strikes. In order to save their homeworld, the Buff head out into space to bring back an infinite and unlimited power foretold of in legend, the Ide. They track this energy to Solo, known to them as planet, Logo Dau.

Itching to get a look at the “alien” colony on Logo Dau, the Buff princess, Karala, steals a ship and heads toward the planet. Fearing what the brutish Earth immigrants might do to her, Commander Gije sends his subordinate, Damido, along with a small group of soldiers, to stop her. On the planet, the Buff soldiers over-react to an incident at the military run archeological excavation site, and proceed to annihilate the entire instillation, and the Earth colonists as well. In order to save the survivors of the Buff attack, young Earth Air Force officer, Bes Jordan, along with archeologist, Sheryl Formosa; and two young teens, Cosmo Yuuki and Kasha Imhof, activate the found alien artifacts: the giant humanoid robot, Ideon, and a huge, buried spaceship. They escape into space to find help. On the run from the Buff forces, the Solo survivors will learn that fear, mistrust, and hatred are not just something between them and the Buff Clan, but exist between all members of humanity, throughout the entire universe.

“The Ideon is not just a mere robot. It’s a curse!”

“All Units pursue them! Chase them to the ends of the universe if you have to! Strike down the Logo Dau alien ship!” … At that very moment, the Ide was invoked.

One of the most influential sci-fi, giant robot anime, which could have single handedly given Gundam creator Tomino his well-deserved nickname, “Kill ’em All”. Though dated by data tape computers and afro hair styles, Ideon is still an effective, nihilistic, space age tale with over-the-top acting, and mecha action. Because of our own pride and narrow mindedness, will we never learn to understand and coexist with others… except in death?

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