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“Macron-1” is the Saban Entertainment adapted version of “Sengoku Majin (Warring States Devil) GoShogun”, a 26-episode TV series from 1981. It was shown on American TV combined with animation from “Great Military Operation in Subspace: Srungle” (1983-84, part of the Japanese J9 Giant Robot series), and it was later released on VHS without the scenes from “Srungle”. The original “GoShogun” anime (one of its character designers was Hajime Kamegaki, “God Mars” and “Baldios’” mecha designer, and the Director of shojo classic “Fushigi Yuugi”) was followed by a movie in 1985 titled, “GoShogun: The Time Étranger” (a more serious, grown-up oriented look at lifetime choices and their subsequent results, viewed through the prism of a 70-something Remy Shimada’s allegorical, coma induced, hallucinatory dream).

The evil alien, covert organization, GRIP (Docougar), lead by dastardly fiend, Dark Star (Neo Neros) and his commanders, seeks to subjugate and rule Earth by bribing and enticing mankind to fight against itself. But scientist, Dr. Michael Bridger (Sanada), creator of the meteor powered teleportation device, Macron Base (Good Thunder), cannot be bought. Abducted by Dark Star’s minions, Bridger blows himself and his captors up before divulging the secrets of Macron Base.

With Dr. Bridger gone, GRIP’s cyborg subordinates, the Skeletrons, are sent to capture and interrogate his son, Nathan (Kenta)… for planted within Nathan’s own subconscious mind are the secrets of teleportation. Targeted at his father’s funeral, Nathan is saved by Bridger’s friend and associate Dr. James Chagall (Captain Sabalas). Dr. Chagall brings Nathan to Macron Base to meet his new protectors, the three-man Macron team: stalwart James Templar (Shingo Hojo), cocky Scott Cutter (Killy Gagly), and spunky Kathy Jamison (Remy Shimada). Together with the aid of their giant robot, Max Star (GoShogun, of course!), they are humanity’s best hope at fighting back the fiendish, foul forces of Dark Star (Neo Neros).

“Kathy, What’ll you give me if I can keep them out of here?”
“I’ll give you a kiss, Jason!”

An entertaining Saturday Morning Kids Action Cartoon replete with snappy dialog, rockin’ pop music, fiery explosions… and Big, Badass ’Bots!

 GoShogun 01

 GoShogun 02

 GoShogun 03

 GoShogun 04
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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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