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“God Mars”, or “Rokushin Gattai (Six God Combination) God Mars” is a 64 episode TV series released from 1981 through 1982. It was later followed by two theatrical movie releases; one in 1982, and the other in 1988. The show is loosely based on the manga “Mars” by Mitsuteru Yokoyama (original creator of “Tetsujin 28 / Gigantor”, “Giant Robo”, and “Kamen no Ninja Akakage”)

In the year 1982, Earth is suddenly plagued by massive earthquakes, storms, and volcanic eruptions, as six giant stone monoliths suddenly appear at famous monuments’ locations all across the planet (Rano Raraku, the Sphinx, etc.). After these cataclysmic occurrences, a childless scientist, Dr. Myojin, finds a baby boy in a small space capsule held within the arms of a massive monument on the once submerged island of Myojin-Sho. He later adopts him and names him, (Clark? No!) Takeru.

Seventeen years later, in 1999, to facilitate the dream of exploring planets outside our galaxy, mankind is about to setup a space satellite base on Pluto (heck, it’s 2010 and we don’t even have a Moon base yet). However, before the ships arrive, they suddenly receive an ultimatum and are psychically attacked by Emperor Zoule, leader of the alien, Ancient Roman-esc, Gishin Empire. With nefarious plans of total Galactic conquest, Zoule has targeted planet Earth, and if humanity does not bend to his will, he threatens to destroy the entire planet!

With no knowledge of his origins, Takeru, now Second Gunner on the Earth Defense Force team, Crusher, is telepathically contacted by Zoule. Takeru is told that he is really the emperor’s own son and heir, Mars; and that he should follow the will of the empire and detonate a bomb that will annihilate Earth! Despite now knowing his alien origin, Takeru loves his adoptive homeworld, and refuses to destroy it. The alien’s cataclysmic bomb is located within the robot, Gaia, who rests inside the very same giant stone statue where Takeru was found as an infant. Takeru uses Gaia, as well as five more giant robots, hidden within the other stone monoliths around the globe, to form the super robot, God Mars, to fight to save our planet from destruction.

“God Mars!”

A fun, enjoyable, Combining Giant Robot anime contemporary of “Go Lion” and “Dairugger XV” (the two “Voltron” anime). The robot was very similar in design to Voltron, but the story had a lot more angst, with deaths of family members, and Takeru agonizing over his identity and even being at one point ostracized from his team, because of his alien blood.

 God Mars 01

 God Mars 02

 God Mars 03

 God Mars 04
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