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“Voltron: Defender of the Universe” is a 124 episode TV series released from 1984 through 1985. It was created by combining animation from Toei’s “Beast King Go Lion” (1981-1982), as the Lion Force, and “Armored Fleet Dairugger XV” (1982-1983), as the Vehicle Force; with additional specially commissioned Go Lion type episodes created to extend the series. Its story, script, and music were produced by the American, St. Louis, Missouri based, World Events Productions. This series went on to become a worldwide phenomena.

Vehicle Force Voltron -
Due to overpopulation on the planets within the alliance of “good planets” from across the universe (the Galaxy Alliance), the military arm of this alliance, Galaxy Garrison, sends a group of young explorers into Space, to scout and discover new uninhabited, but habitable, planets on which to set up off-world colonies. This force of fifteen youths is split into three planetary analyzation teams: the white uniformed Air, led by the stalwart Jeff; maroon Land, commanded by cool, tough guy, Cliff; and light blue Sea, headed by the logical alien, “I am not Spock”, Cric. Each member of the different teams pilots vehicles that, when attacked, can combine into the giant robot, Voltron. In their quest across space, the team runs into the evil forces of the galactic conqueror, Commander Hazar, hailing from the Drule Empire of planet Doom; and must fight to protect their newly discovered planets from his destructive, tyrannical grasp.

“… Voltron, Defender of the Universe, a mighty robot loved by good, feared by evil.”

My first introduction to the Super Robot genre. I was one or two years old when Voltron was on US syndicated television. Even so, the robot designs were so powerful and iconographic that before I could really even remember anything, I could recognize the Voltron robots; and would gawk in joy at the giant plastic toys of “Go Lion” and “Dairugger XV” in Downtown Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo storefronts.

 Dairugger XV 01

 Dairugger XV 02

 Dairugger XV 03

 Dairugger XV 04
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