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“Here is Greenwood” is a 6-volume OVA released from 1991 through 1993. An adaptation of a comedy manga given sure direction by Tomomi Mochizuki (Series Director for “Ranma ½’s” 1st season), who is also credited with writing its versatile script.

One month into the first semester, Kazuya Hasukawa is just now starting High School at Ryokuto Academy. After a few unexpected incidents, including everything from stalled public transportation to hospitalization, Kazuya is finally on the road to leaving home and becoming his own man. Despite being close enough to live at home and commute to school, he’s especially interested in leaving home, as his older brother, Kazuhiro (the man who raised him after their parents’ deaths) just recently married Kazuya’s first crush, the kindest, prettiest, and most wonderful person in the entire world, Sumire. To make matters worse, having just married into a family of two men, Sumire is trying her best to be accepted by Kazuya as part of the family by smothering him with motherly love, affection, and understanding. Wanting to stay away from his stressful home life, young Hasukawa enters the school’s dormitory, known as “Greenwood”.

At Greenwood, Kazuya meets his three best school buds: the cocky, pretty-boy president of Greenwood, Mitsuru Ikeda; Ikeda’s closest friend, the conniving student council president, Shinobu Tezuka; and the get-along, easygoing, boy who “from every angle looks like a girl”, Shun Kisaragi. With some requisite and elaborate hazing and jiving, the quartet take on the wacky adventures of young adult life.

“We are the No-Brand Heroes.”

“Here is Greenwood” is a funny and nostalgic look at the twilight of childhood. Despite its own, self-described, “oddly unique” characters, the story has a sense of authenticity and realism. Unlike similar stories of its kind, the leads weren’t too saccharine sweet, the jokes weren’t gross-out humor, and they weren’t taking on the established school authority. My favorite episode is the third one, “The Making of Here is Devil’s Wood”, because it really defined the characters; by showcasing who they were in a different setting, and by letting us see all the members of the eccentric clubs do their stuff, in lending a hand to create the School Festival movie.

 Here Is Greenwood

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