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“Hurricane Polymar (Polymer)” is a 26-episode TV series from 1974. Character designs were done by Yoshitaka Amano (Original Designer of “Casshan”, “MOSPEADA”, and “Vampire Hunter D”), and episode direction featured Hisayuki Toriumi (Chief Director of “Gatchaman” and “Tekkaman”; Writer and Supervisor of “Dallos”; and Director of the “Salamander” and “Area 88” OVAs).

After being disowned by his strict controlling father, International Police Chief Onitora (Onigawara Toragoro), the seemingly easygoing Takeshi has become an assistant to the screwball, third-rate private detective, Joe Kuruma. However, despite Takeshi’s outward appearance as a lazy, layabout, goof-off, he uses the harsh martial arts training his micro-managing father inflicted upon him, along with Dr. Oregara’s secret body transforming super Polymette helmet, to become the costumed, crime fighting hero, Hurricane Polymar. Along with the help of Detective Kuruma; their flirtatious landlord Nanba Teru (who’s owed three years of back rent), and Baron/Danshaku, the cynical St. Bernard with a running internal monologue commentary; Takeshi fights the evil criminals who endanger the lives of the peaceful citizens of “Washing-kyo”.


One of Tatsunoko Pro’s (the studio that gave us Casshan/Casshern, Tekkaman/Teknoman, Gatchaman/G-Force, and Mach GoGoGo/Speed Racer) well known superhero cartoons. Similar to the studio’s other hero shows, it’s a great, action-packed, brightly colored, crime fighting adventure cartoon. However, when Takeshi is outside of his Polymar guise, he’s allowed to be a nonchalant, lighthearted guy; making him very unique when compared to Casshan, Tekkaman, or Gatchaman’s Ken the Eagle.

 Hurricane Polymar 01

 Hurricane Polymar 02

 Hurricane Polymar 03

 Hurricane Polymar 04
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