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“Mermaid Forest” is a 56-minute one-shot OVA from 1991; based on one of many stories featured in the “Mermaid Saga” manga/comic by Rumiko Takahashi. It was followed by a second OVA in 1993 titled, “Mermaid Scar”, and in 2003 by a 13-episode TV series, also titled “Mermaid Forest.”

More than five-hundred years ago, a small group of fishermen caught a mermaid. According to local folklore, those who eat the flesh of these women of the sea will attain immortality and eternal youth. The fishermen, desirous of everlasting life, devoured their catch. Their steersman, Yuta, did not wish to live forever, but was forced to take a bite. After eating the mermaid flesh, Yuta watched in horror as his companions died in contorted agony, a reaction from the poison they had consumed, while he alone survived and achieved what they had dreamed of… immortality.

Elsewhere in Japan, 1936, on the eve of a failed military coup d'état, one of two twin sisters was dying of consumption. In what appeared to be a last resort, the healthy twin, Sawa, gave her sister, Towa, a cup of mermaid blood. After ingesting the thick, dark red liquid, Towa, began to writhe in pain as the color in her skin and hair was leached away… and her right forearm was transformed into something… inhuman.

Fifty-five years later, two travelers, the 500+ year-old Yuta, and the equally immortal Mana, are on a quest that has become a never-ending journey. After an accident, Mana appears to have died, and her body is abducted by Dr. Shina. For more than five decades the doctor has been stealing the arms of young, recently deceased girls, to replace Towa’s painful, throbbing, scaled claw. But, after three years, everyone of these replacements transforms into the same physically agonizing, monstrous appendage. When Mana wakes up from her seemingly fatal wounds, Towa comes up with a new plan to rid herself of her eternal torment -- to switch heads with, and takeover, Mana’s body!

A creepy and well done Horror Story, “Mermaid Forest” depicts how some are willing to destroy both themselves and others in their own desperate attempts to fulfill their desires.

 Mermaid Forest 01

Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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