Takegami: Guardian of Darkness

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“Takegami: Guardian of Darkness” is a three volume OVA released from 1990 through 1992. It was created and directed by Osamu Yamasaki, the Director of “Yotoden”, and the Creator and Scriptwriter of “Akai Hayate”.

The Dragon Gods are awakening! As foretold in the generations old scroll held by the undying, centuries old, priestess Sayoko, these events will also trigger the resurrection of the guardian deity, Susanoo.

Seeking to look more appealing, in order to get the attention of her longtime friend Koichi, (I guess Shiseido wasn’t working for her) schoolgirl Terumi has made an offering at the Shrine of the Eight-Headed Dragon God during the year of the Dragon. In answer to her wish, Terumi is bestowed with an even complexion, lightened hair…and the larval form of the Earth Dragon God. Now, small animals run in fear from the evil which lurks inside her, and plants wither at her touch. Though empowered enough to suck dry the life of the rival who was trying to take her man, Terumi has actually further complicated her love life. At night, the beast passes from her to seek females to infect and possess, in order to bring about its own resurrection. In response to the Dragon God’s excursions, Koichi has been possessed by the Dragon’s nemesis, Susanoo, and has been extra-curricularly offing the infected, attractive, women. However, when finally faced with having to kill his childhood friend and main squeeze, Terumi; Koichi chokes. This leads to the ultimate battle between resurrected, skyscraper sized, gods and monsters.

Ultraman sized monsters engaging in smack down fights--cool. Unfortunately, only the first episode was any good. In episode two the same cycle repeats, except it’s the Dragon of Heaven, and there is no real reason given for its resurrection (world is “out of balance” my foot). In part three, there was some half-baked, nonsensical explanation that tried to tie together Chinese dragons with Japan’s Izanami/Izanagi creation myth. Still, the character designs are good; and the monsters, and backgrounds, are top notch through all three installments.

 Takegami 01

 Takegami 02

 Takegami 03

 Takegami 04
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