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“Makyou Gaiden (Demon Realm Tale) Le Deus”, released in the UK under the title “Ladius”, is a one shot 45-minute OVA from 1987. It was directed by the Director of "Borgman" and "Tekkaman Blade", Hiroshi Negishi.

In the RPG-like world of “Le Deus”, the evil organization, Demisters is searching for Lido, the limitless energy of nature transformed into a power source, developed by the long lost civilization of Quall. The location of Lido can be revealed by obtaining five special lenses and placing them into the Eye of Zalem, a statue located in the ruins of Zalem, the Quall’s capital city.

Our hero, Riot, also wants Lido, to be able to awaken his sister, who is locked in suspended animation. Riot is given one lens by a lens guardian. Meanwhile, a Demisters minion, Kaiser, obtains three of the lenses by killing their protectors. This brings Riot and his two Plana (artificial human traveling companions), Spica and Seneca, as well as Kaiser’s henchmen, to the marketplace city of Zigoa--where small shop owner, Yuta La Caradeen, has in her possession: the final lens. At first Yuta is rescued by Riot; but after a couple of encounters with Kaiser’s flunkies, and the revelation that Yuta is the last living member of the Quall, the priestess, Kradinova Rei, she and both her and Riot’s lenses are seized by Kaiser. Riot must call forth his giant robot, Le Deus, in order to secure the Lido and save Yuta from the vile grasp of the Demisters.

In the end, the Lido is unfortunately destroyed; which forces Riot to continue on in his quest to find the energy needed to save his sister. Yuta joins Riot’s traveling team saying, “I think I’m going to enjoy this.”, giving the viewer the sense that this is going to be a continuing series. Sadly, despite it having some fun characters and awesome robot designs, there are no more installments to the story.

 Ladius 01

 Ladius 02

 Ladius 03

 Ladius 04
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