City Hunter:Death of the Vicious Criminal Ryo Saeba

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“City Hunter: Death of the Vicious Criminal Ryo Saeba” is the final City Hunter TV Special, released in 1999.

With a new four-month and three-day record of unemployment, the yen at an all time low, and gridlocked traffic leaving the city, Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makimura aren’t going anywhere for Golden Week. Just then, a new client comes knocking. A woman appearing to be famous TV news reporter Sayaka Asagiri hires the City Hunter team (for an astounding one hundred thousand US dollars!) to guard her from the Media City News company for which she works. However, things are not what they seem, and Ryo is soon in deep (but not in the way he’d like to be); as Media City, armed with the powers of film editing and manipulation, portrays Ryo as Sayaka’s kidnapper and a maniac killer, turning him into the most wanted person in Japan! While on the lam from the cops, Ryo continues to protect Sayaka, but soon the whole mess is revealed to be an unfinished vendetta between him, his old partner “Jack Knife” (even though he’s sporting a .45), and their mutual love from the past, Sayuri.

“He may steal your bra, but he would never shoot a woman.”

As one should expect, it’s a classic City Hunter combination of manly posing, explosive action, and perverted slapstick comedy. I wish it further explored the tragic love-triangle backstory of Ryo, Sayuri, and Jack, but it is still very enjoyable.

 City Hunter
Death of Ryo Saeba 01

 City Hunter
Death of Ryo Saeba 02

 City Hunter
Death of Ryo Saeba 03

 City Hunter
Death of Ryo Saeba 04
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