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“Andromeda Stories” is an 85-minute TV special from 1982. Although I have never seen this Anime available in the US, I have seen articles mentioning a 1985 release titled “Gemini Prophecies” and one of my cels has a Streamline Studio certificate of authenticity that identifies it as both “Andromeda Stories” and “Gemini Prophecies”. The show is based on the 1980s “Andromeda Stories” manga by Ryu Mitsuse and Keiko Takemiya (original creator of “Toward the Terra”), released in the US in 2004 by Vertical Press.

In a time before the birth of Earth there existed a planet within the Andromeda Galaxy that supported humanoid life, Asturias. This once peaceful world is attacked, infected, and infested by a horde of sentient parasitic alien machines that roam throughout the universe absorbing planets. The cyborg warrior Il, from Lodorian, a planet already lost to them, arrives on Asturias planning to avenge her dead world and protect the populace from the robot plague. In her first confrontation with the robotic enemy, Il is defeated, and the machines begin their takeover by fusing with the ruling inhabitants of the capital city’s Castle Arteil. Though the mechanical scourge is able to control the guards and most of the royalty, the parasites are unable to infect and possess Queen Lilia, who is protected by the latent psychic powers of her unborn twins, Jimusa and Afulu.

When Lilia gives birth, her still uninfected handmaiden fears for the safety of the twins. The maid abducts Afulu and gives the child to the warrior Balga, to insure and protect the safety of the royal bloodline. Unaware that she has given birth to twins, Lilia is given her son, Jimusa. As Lilia witnesses the machines control and manipulate her husband, King Itaca, the Aranchan capital city Cosmoralia is destroyed and rebuilt as a mechanical stronghold. It then sends out machines to further infect the planet. Still protected by Jimusa’s powers, Lilia flees the capital with her son.

Years later, Jimusa, now a young man living in the wild with his mother, is found by survivors of the initial robot takeover. Forced by fate, duty, and lineage, Jimusa must use his psychic abilities and join these survivors in their quest to retake Aranchan. He learns of and reunites with his long lost sister, Afulu, and they fight alongside Il to save the planet!

Can Jimusa and Afulu triumph over the machines?

Answer -- No. Their entire planet is blown up in a feeble and unsuccessful attempt to stop the machines. But Jimusa and Afulu are able to escape the destruction on a spaceship, the Ark. The two fall into an endless sleep, eventually crash-land on our young world, and over time their combined DNA becomes the basis of all life on Earth.

... I guess that makes the entire human race the result of twincest...

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