MegaZone 23: Part 3

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"MegaZone 23" (said Mega Zone Two Three) is an OVA which was first released in 1985. There were also two sequels, "MegaZone 23: Part 2", released in 1986, and this final installment, "MegaZone 23: Part 3", released in 1989.

“MegaZone: Part 3” was directed by Kenichi Yatagai, Director of “Macross II”, and Shinji Aramaki, Opening Storyboarder on “Gasaraki”, Mecha Designer on “Bubblegum Crisis”, and Director of both of the CG “Appleseed” movies. Character Designs were done by Hiroyuki Kitazume, Original Creator of “Legaciam”, Director of the “Starlight Angel” short in “Robot Carnival” and Character Designer on “Bastard!!”, “Digital Devil”, and “Gaiarth”.

In "Part 3", we follow video-gamer, ex-cyber hacker, Eiji, an inhabitant of the first new city on planet Earth, Eden. Life in Eden is controlled by “The System”, connected computers integrated into every part of the city. The System is run by Bishop Won Dai, an ecological nutcase who wants to keep mankind trapped in a computerized cage under the watchful eyes of a Gestapo like police force, “E=X”. Unfortunately, to maintain Eden’s System, the city itself is destroying Earth’s natural habitat around it. While Mankind is well on its way to destroying the environment a second time, Eiji gets his hands on a Garland, steps out on his girlfriend, and teams-up with computer program Eve (who needs a real girl). Juvenile, earnest, pessimistic, Eiji must free mankind from its prison before Won Dai decides to enact his ultimate plan to save Earth’s environment, “Project Heaven”, to launch Eden, along with all of mankind, back into space.

Humanity trapped in a computer-controlled environment while the planet Earth reverts back to its natural environment -- the concept is the same as “Logan’s Run” (minus Carousel). Their plots aren’t original, and the "Megazones" have possibly the poorest integrated (sometimes hilariously so) obligatory sex scenes, but the character and mecha designs are RADICAL. Since each part of the series was done by a different director and designer, when viewed as a whole, "Megazone 23" seems to embody the Anime style of the 1980s to early 1990s, when Anime was at its best!

Also, let it further be known, Shogo/Eiji’s Garland could crush Kaneda’s Power Bike :)

 MegaZone 23: Pt3 01

 MegaZone 23: Pt3 02

 MegaZone 23: Pt3 03

 MegaZone 23: Pt3 04
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