MegaZone 23: Part 2

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"MegaZone 23" (said Mega Zone Two Three) is an OVA which was first released in 1985. This is the first of two sequels, "MegaZone 23: Part 2", released in 1986, and it was followed by "MegaZone 23: Part 3", released in 1989.

“Megazone: Part 2” was directed by Ichiro Itano, Original Creator of “Angel Cop”, and Director of “Battle Royal High School”. Its super detailed character designs were done by Yasuomi Umetsu, Original Creator of “Kite” and “MezzO Forte”, Director of the “Presence” short in “Robot Carnival”, and Character Designer on the 1990s OVA adaptations of “Casshan”, “Hurricane Polymar”, and “Gatchaman”.

After the military takeover of MegaZone 23 (begun at the end of the first “MegaZone” OVA), part of the original Eve program still remains. Unhappy living in a military dictatorship, Shogo joins a biker resistance gang sporting a bitchin’ 1980s punk rocker look ("Let’s ROCK!"). While this gang ineptly tries to return control of MegaZone to Eve, Eve merges with a more powerful program, Adam. Adam then orders the MegaZone23 spaceship to self-destruct. Before all of MegaZone is destroyed, Eve decides Shogo and his misfit companions should live on (this is what happens when you have bad programming and you look for the wrong variables). While everyone in MegaZone is meeting a gruesome end, Shogo and his friends are sent in an escape pod to inherit planet Earth.

A new adventure awaits in “MegaZone: Part 3”!!

 MegaZone 23: Pt2 01

 MegaZone 23: Pt2 02

 MegaZone 23: Pt2 03

 MegaZone 23: Pt2 04
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