Casshern Sins

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“Casshern: Sins” is a twenty-four episode TV series that aired from October 2008 through March 2009, which… sort of… features the character formerly known as Casshan (or Kyashan). Character designs were done by Yoshihiko Umakoshi, character designer on the “Berserk” and “Guyver” TV series; and it was directed by Shigeyasu Yamauchi, director of “Crying Freeman” part 4, “Street Fighter: Alpha”, “Digimon”, and the “Saint Seiya” and several “Dragonball Z” movies. It’s bold, static, stylish opening uses an atypical, unexpectedly Latin Jazz flavored song, "Aoi Hana" (Blue Flower).

Following the takeover of Earth by the humanoid-robot dictator Braiking (Black King) Boss, the new immortal, mechanical rulers of Earth sought to bring their existence closer to that of living creatures. To meet this need, many robot projects were initiated. One successful project was: “Luna”, a machine that controls life and death, and thus could bring closure to robot lives. Another, presumed failed, project (created by the machine technician “Ohji”) was: robots that could mate and reproduce.

As the number of her cult followers grew, Luna’s sect became a threat to Braiking Boss’ rule. In order to remain in power, Braiking sent three of Ohji’s failed experiments, now turned into powerful robot assassins, to kill her. The one who seemed to have accomplished this was Casshern. But by “killing” Luna, Casshern released “Ruin”, death itself, upon the once undying rule of robots, while at the same time cursing himself with everlasting life.

In our decaying, rotting world, overtaken by robots -- now ruled by Ruin, an immortal being observes the fear, joy, and purpose that life and death brings to others; while his own unending existence lacks the meaning that only death can give.

While keeping the sleek comic-hero type designs and archetypical characters of past animated Casshan incarnations, "Casshern: Sins" radically departs from the earlier storylines. It’s a slow-paced, lugubrious, angst-ridden meditation on the inevitability and elegance of the ephemeral, cyclical nature of life; and the beauty and/or ugliness of death.
Yes! Nothing says great anime fun like an unabashed wallow in a whole TV season long, gloomy funk!

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