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“Amon Saga” is a seventy-five minute OVA from 1986. The original story was written by Baku Yumemakura (“Onmyoji” , “Psycho Diver”, and “Kurozuka”) and Yoshitaka Amano (original designer on “Casshan”, “MOSPEADA”, and “Vampire Hunter D”).

In the Sword and Sorcery realm of Granmall, a war orphan, Amon, seeks vengeance for the death of his mother at the hands of a soldier from the kingdom of Valhiss. After being emotionally reborn in the fiery remains of his hometown, and trained to be a skilled swordsman by the wandering warrior poet, Ekuna (a Vampire Hunter D doppelgänger ), Amon joins the Valhiss army in order to kill their tyrant king, who is, not so surprisingly, also named Valhiss.

While on his quest for revenge, Amon gets caught up in Valhiss’ plan to conquer all of Granmall by acquiring gold from the Valley of Gold (nothing like choosing the most obvious names for things). Tricked by Valhiss, this Valley’s King, Sem Darai, who has kept the exact location of the valley secret, is forced to reveal its whereabouts in order to retrieve his captured daughter, Lichia. With the gold’s position now in his possession, Valhiss reneges and keeps princess Lichia as his prisoner, and heads out to obtain this wealth. Amon, who seems to have fallen for the princess, joins her countrymen, also infiltrated in the ranks of Valhiss’ Army, in seeking to free her from Valhiss’ evil grasp.

“Amon Saga” has very nice looking visuals, and you can see many references in its scenery and character designs to its original incarnation in Yoshitaka Amano’s illustrations. Unfortunately, though some individual fights and character interaction scenes are nice, overall it’s very badly plotted and paced. Even though it’s only seventy-five minutes long, this time achingly drags by at an almost indescribably slow tempo.

 Amon Saga 01

 Amon Saga 02

 Amon Saga 03

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