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“MagneRobo Ga-Keen (Ga-Kin)” (also known as "Magnus", "Magnos", and "Super Magnetron") is a thirty-nine episode TV series released from 1976 through 1977. Character designs were done by Kazuo Komatsubara, Character Designer on "Gaiking", "Getter Robo", "Grendizer", and the 1990s "Devilman" OVA.

In the year 1977, the Earth is under attack from evil aliens who have lain long dormant in the Earth--Izaru! Having discovered signs of this alien threat through artifacts left by ancient civilizations, Professor Kazuki has formed the Space Exploration Team. This team, aboard the giant sea, air, and spaceship God Freedom, deploys our two main heroes: Takeru Hojo, moody Martial Arts expert, estranged from his father (who was also his teacher), and Mai Kazuki, the Professor’s own daughter, to fight against Izaru’s giant robot monsters. Through the powers of love, justice, and magnetism, Takeru and Mai transform into MagneMan Plus and MagneMan Minus, the pilots of the super robots, Praizer and Mighty; and are able to combine with each other (a little differently than most guys and gals… “Combine into ONE!”) to create the magnetic, ball jointed robot, MagneRobo Ga-Keen. Using MagneRobo Ga-Keen’s attacks such as: Counter-Knife and Shoulder-Crush-You, Takeru and Mai fight to rid Earth of its alien invaders.


A great classic robot cartoon from the 1970s! The plot line, along with the bold and brightly colored character designs, are the very essence of what one should expect from a Giant Robot Anime.

 Ga-Keen 01

 Ga-Keen 02

 Ga-Keen 03

 Ga-Keen 04
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