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“Outlanders” is a 48-minute OVA from 1986, based on a manga by the redoubtable Johji Manabe (Creator of "Ginga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai").

The Warrior Princess Kahm, from the Saint Evascuraze (Santovasku) empire, has come to the “Holy Planet”, Earth! While she’s busily decimating the Japanese Self Defense Force, a lone, loser photographer crawls out of some hole in the ground. As she goes for his head (the one on his neck), the two wrestle, and our misbegotten hero discovers her scantily clad, bodacious boobies; whereupon she discovers his… stiffy. She decides he’s the guy for her, knocks him out, and shanghais him onto her spaceship.

In order to save the world, our geek photojournalist must marry… or, more importantly, bed… Princess Kahm. This is some kind of nitwit plan cooked up by Kahm in order to get her father to change his mind about cleansing Earth of mankind (don’t get it? - never mind, neither do I). Unfortunately, just when lamebrain’s able to finally get his pants off, the ship comes out of warp, and it’s time to face dear old Dad. The emperor is less than impressed by this flunky monkey, and orders his execution. Luckily, Kahm’s best friend, the “experienced” cat-girl Battia, as well as Battia’s Space fleet General lover, the tiger-lunk Geobaldi, are on hand to save the dork; thus ensuring his good fortune of getting (off-screen) serendipitous HOT ALIEN WARRIOR PRINCESS SEX!!

Oh yeah… and of course, saving all of humanity.

 Outlanders 01

 Outlanders 02

 Outlanders 03

 Outlanders 04
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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