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"Grey: Digital Target" is a 75 minute movie from 1986. It’s directed by Satoshi Dezaki, who did one of my all-time favorite anime Sci-Fis, "They Were 11".

2588 AD: the world is a barren wasteland of deserts and a vile sea of polluted oceans. Mankind continues to exist, caged in small cities controlled by individual “Mama” computers. These isolated “Towns” only allow their inhabitants out into the stark no-man’s land between them to collect “points” by engaging and killing each other in small battles. Those who amass large quantities of points are able to move up in the stratified social order of their own Town. A social order where those at the bottom live in vast slums, feed off each other, and are scraped off the doorsteps of their betters as one would remove a squashed bug from the sole of his boot.

As lovers and friends die around him, one man survives (Jonathan E.? No… this isn’t "Rollerball"), the proclaimed: Death-God Grey. Driven by his desire to fulfill his dead girlfriend, Lips’, dream of reaching the top, attaining the rank of Citizen; Grey thrives, and climbs up the computer controlled social ladder of human death. That is, until his mentor, Red, disappears after a battle. Throwing away Town-303 and his acquired position, he breaks his own rule, to only look out for himself, and heads out with his new woman, Nova, to traverse the post apocalyptic environment the world has become, searching for his lost comrade. On his quest, Grey learns the truth of mankind’s plight. That Man lives in the hell of his own making, under the control of “Toy”, a human created video game.

“… there is no point in suffering for nothing.”

Badass Anime! "Grey: Digital Target" is like a combination of "The Terminator" and "Rollerball" (1975), but is distinctively executed in a series of small segments, or “Approaches” (“Approach-2: Combat Zone”), which, in combination with its matching tinny, synthesizer pop score, give the whole movie the unique feel and style of the levels/stages of an ’80s-’90s coin-op video arcade game.

 Grey 01

 Grey 02

 Grey 03

 Grey 04

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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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