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"Blue Sonnet: Akai Kiba" (Blue Sonnet: Red Fang) is a five-episode OVA released from 1989 through 1990. Its moody, menacing opening animation was done by Hisashi Abe, who worked on its character design and who was also an animation director for "Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust" and "Twilight of the Dark Master".

An abused street urchin from the slums of New York is taken in by Talon, a sub rosa American corporation based in Los Angeles. This stray castaway, Sonnet Barje, is transformed by Talon’s evil genius Dr. Merikus into the ultimate psychic, cyborg warrior, code name: Blue Sonnet. Obligated to the villainous company that rescued her from the streets, she is driven by her own sense of duty to pursue and complete her first mission, recovering the company’s long lost bio-engineered (from the remains of a lost race of Aztec-ish psychics called "The Ancients") Super-Esper, Akai Kiba.

Eighteen year old Lan Komatsuzaki is the aforementioned Akai Kiba. Living the life of an average pre-pubescent (pre-pubescent… at 18?) school girl with her adoptive father, Professor Kiryu, and brother, Wataru, she is completely ignorant of her origins and ill prepared to face the horror of her fast approaching womanhood. With her first period comes unfathomable telekinetic powers. While trying to hide her powers and continue her normal life, she meets the new American transfer student, Sonnet.

It isn’t very often that one can describe a Shojo/Girls-Coming-Of-Age Anime as… BADASS. "Blue Sonnet" combines the plotline and personal concerns found in most Shojo Anime, with the ultra-violent action and gore found in some of the more edgy 1980s and ’90s Shonen/Boys-Coming-Of-Age OVAs. Done in a great primary red and blue, classic American-esc super-hero comic book, color palette.

 Blue Sonnet 01

 Blue Sonnet 02

 Blue Sonnet 03

 Blue Sonnet 04
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