Violence Jack

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"Violence Jack" is a 3-part OVA released from 1986 through 1990, based on a manga by the famous (or maybe, infamous), Go Nagai.

After being bombarded by meteorites and plagued with earthquakes, Earth has become a wasteland. Without the fragile veneer of society, and freed from the very idea of what “humanity” is, Man has become a race of beasts that abuse and feed off each other.

"Violence Jack" takes place in the Kanto region of Japan. After being hit by a large quake (the Great Kanto Earthquake? No, this isn’t 1923 -- The “Kanto Earthquake of HELL!”), the “Slum King” (I know some of you were guessing: Raoh!) dominates this area through physical force and fear. One man opposes the Slum King and his minions. This man, or rather demonic giant, is Violence Jack. Armed with a titanic pocket (“Jack”) knife, through three independent story lines, Jack rescues assorted, assaulted, nubile female stereotypes (trapped fashion models?) as he viciously tears apart killer biker gangs, homicidal psychopaths, lesbian slave-traders, rapists, and giant mutated freaks.

“… Hell suits us.”

Umm… it really is something when a giant, pointy teethed, half-deformed, cannibalistic, homicidal gang leader named “Mad Saurus” becomes the most developed and sympathetic character in an Anime. "Violence Jack" is a vehement onslaught of gruesome, savage MALE power. I don’t know what’s more objectionable when watching this, the animated scenes of rape, child murder, brutality, and bloodshed, or finding out in the third volume ("Hell's Wind") that all of this hyper-sexualized, gory violence is supposed to be a pseudo life-lesson for young boys!?!

 Violence Jack 01

 Violence Jack 02

 Violence Jack 03

 Violence Jack 04
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