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"Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman", released in 2000, is a 52-minute OVA adaptation of the "Amon" comic by Yu Kinutani, which uses the characters and back-story created by Go Nagai.

Tokyo has become a hell on earth. Devils, disguised as everyday people, prey on humans and fellow demons. Living in fear for their lives, the panic stricken public turn on one another and hunt down suspected monsters.

Satan, in the guise of Ryo Asuka, divulges Akira Fudou’s secret half-demon identity, Devilman, to a local TV station. In response, a mob attacks Akira’s girlfriend Miki Makimura’s home. Miki and her kid brother are mutilated and decapitated with a kitchen knife. Arriving too late to save her, Akira is greeted by a jeering crowd holding Miki’s head on a pike. Enraged, he blames himself, and humanity, for her death, and is taken over by his demonic side, Amon.

Despite containing scenes of women and children being killed, mutilated, and… EATEN, there isn’t enough character development to give these moments a true sense of horror. So the use of macho-posturing, fast-paced fights, and well-timed rock music makes this anime more of a badass action flick.

 Amon 01

 Amon 02

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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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