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“Nazca” is a 12 episode TV series from 1998.

Kyoji is an average high-schooler until, during a kendo match, he witnesses his sensei, Tate, transform into a spandex clad Inca warrior, Yahuaru (Yawaru). If only he was Aztec…“Go Go Meso-Rangers” After this vision, a forgotten past of jumbled ancient memories from his previous life as Inca warrior “Bilka” (Hahaha! Uh...there’s no "B" in Pre-Columbian Quechua/Runa Simi) comes to Kyoji. During the 16th century, he and his sensei fought on opposing sides in the power struggle between Huáscar (Waskhar) and Atahualpa (Atawallpa) for what turned out to be the final rulership of the Tahuantinsuyo (Tawantinsuyu - Inca/Inka Empire). Tangled up in this battle were not just their political alliances, but also their competing love interests for the High Priestess, Aquira (Akira), who is conveniently now reborn as Tate’s fiancée, Yuka.

Embracing his past life, Tate becomes deadly nihilistic, and decides that he must release the powers of the Sun Goddess, Iriyatesse, to eliminate the human race. Conflicted by his desire to save humanity, and his love for his sensei now turned mortal enemy, Kyoji must stop Tate even if it means killing him.

“Nazca sounds just like Asuka.” NO! It doesn’t. They don’t even have the same number of syllables! Wait… let’s say them with a really bad accent… Na-Zu-Ka… A-Su-Ka…

Guess what! In the plot of "Nazca", the Japanese and the Incas are really the same people (Confused? I know I am). Why not just make these characters descendants of the many Japanese who returned to Japan after emigrating to South America prior to World War II, some of whom intermarried with locals there? Also, while I’m at it, rather than Incas, why aren’t they reincarnated Nazcans from the 8th century, the people who actually made the Nazca lines? And why is “Bilka” sporting steel instead of bronze weaponry (and what’s with the Lycra)? Anyway, this cartoon does have really attractive, detailed character design; a funky vocal rendition of Bach’s Little Fugue in g minor as its opening song; and, as a bonus, the DVDs come with a great parody mini-comic!

 Nazca 01

 Nazca 02

 Nazca 03

 Nazca 04

Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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