Street Fighter II V

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"Street Fighter II V" is a 29 episode TV series from 1995 based on the fighting game series from Capcom.

The series begins with longtime dojo brothers and Karate champs, Ryu and Ken, being reunited in San Francisco. While local resident Ken is treating Ryu to the San Franciscan nightlife, the two pick a fight with some Air Force toughs. After smashing the flyboys’ faces in, they take on Air Force Sergeant, Guile, and the two learn that strong fighters aren’t those who train hard in dojos and win sanctioned fights. No, to be really strong one must engage in unmoderated street brawls (rules are for wimps-- whahahaha). So after the two receive a pummeling from Guile, they head out on a worldwide expedition of back-alley ass-kicking, to hone their skills, and become the world’s ultimate badasses.

As the series progresses, the viewer is treated to locales, moves, characters, and kiai straight from the "Street Fighter II" videogame. I was never able to stay awake through the ponderous dialog of the original Japanese version, but, fortunately, the English dub fixes this problem, by replacing a lot of the dialog with juvenile punk insults and smartass trash talk. Also, in the US release the original Japanese opening, which features a lady singing a soft pop tune with Ryu and Ken “happily” jogging in synchronization together (wtf?), is replaced with a rock instrumental accompanying a montage of fights and kewl I-am-the-man posing!

 SF II V 01

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