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"Heavy Metal L-Gaim" is a 54 episode TV series from 1984, directed, storyboarded, and created by Yoshiyuki Tomino (the principal creator of "Gundam"; and creator of "Dunbine", and "Ideon") with character and mecha designs by Mamoru Nagano (creator of "Five Star Stories"). In addition, there was a three volume OVA in 1986-87 that retold the TV series, and added a new story as well.

"Heavy Metal L-Gaim" takes place in the five-planet solar system of Pentagona. Fifteen years before the start of the series, rulership of all five planets was seized by Oldna Poseidal. During Poseidal’s conquest, the son of the ruler of planet Mizum escaped death to be raised on planet Koam.

Unaware of his lineage, this son of Walha Kamon V, goes by the name Daba Myroad, but retains ownership of his father’s white Heavy Metal (giant, humanoid robot) named, L-Gaim. Wandering the wastelands of Koam, and looking for military employment along with his friend Kyao Mirao, he is attacked by bandits seeking to steal his Mech. While engaged in combat, bandit Amu Fanneria falls in love with Daba, and defects from her group to join him. After further encounters with the bandit troupe, Daba comes to the aid of one of the dying thieves. The dying man asks if Daba could grant him a last request: to return a Credit Chip (Cash Card) to Amandra Kamandra, an arms dealer. Daba agrees to help the man, which begins Daba’s, Kyao’s, and Amu’s inevitable journey to uncover the secrets behind not just Daba’s royal lineage, but who will eventually gain rulership of the entire Pentagona system.

"Heavy Metal L-Gaim" is a long, well-regarded mecha series from Sunrise Studios, a company known for mecha series. Though Tomino is the director, and Nagano is the character designer, the show seems like a merger in both plot and character design of Tomino’s "Wings of Rean" manga (basis of 1983 TV series "Aura Battler Dunbine"), and Nagano’s "Five Star Stories".

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