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"Arion" is a movie from 1986; created, directed, and with character designs by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (Character Designer on “Zambot-3”, and “Gundam Zeta” ; Director of “Crusher Joe”; and Original Creator of "Giant Gorg", and “Venus Wars”).

Long ago, when men and gods existed together, the god of the world, Chronos, was killed by his three sons: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. After Chronos’ death, the three sons split the world into three kingdoms. Zeus became lord of the land; Poseidon the seas; and Hades the underworld. Though each controls his own kingdom, all desire to rule the land.

Arion, torn from his mother’s womb and ripped from his family life, is trained in the depths of the underworld to kill Zeus. While Hades trains Arion, Poseidon battles against Zeus’ army, led by Zeus’ daughter, Athena. Arion emerges from Hades’ domain to a world already engulfed in war. Attacked and captured by Athena’s forces, an imprisoned Arion is helped by the lovely mute handmaiden, Lesphina. Pity rapidly turns to love and she eventually helps him escape. Arion joins up with Poseidon and kills Hades, then, under a curse, kills Poseidon as well. Ultimately throwing in his lot with humanity, Arion must free mankind from these oppressive capricious gods, as well as win the hand of his ladylove, Lesphina.

While watching "Arion", forget whatever Greek Mythology you may know ("Arion’s" world puts these characters in a blender and hits frappé). But if viewed as its own self-contained story, the plot engages the viewer as it takes one unexpected turn after another. Also, this movie is easy on the eyes, with fairly fluid animation, richly detailed backgrounds, and very pretty character designs.

 Arion 001

 Arion 002

 Arion 003

 Arion 004
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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