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"Yajikita Gakuen Douchuu Ki" (Account of Yaji and Kita’s Campus Journey?) is a 2 volume OVA from 1989, based on a manga series. The cels here are from the first volume, directed by Osamu Yamasaki (Director of "Yotoden", "Takegami", "Toward the Terra(TV)", and Creator of "Akai Hayate")

Yaji and Kita are an attractive High School lesbian pair, who travel from school to school uncovering mysteries and solving other people’s problems (while creating some for themselves). In the first volume of the OVA, they will find out the hidden truth behind the dark and tragic past of student body president, Kikomura (… or is it Yosuke Tsumaragi). In the process, Yaji and Kita must fight a mysterious group of Ninja, and deal with a High School Principal who asked for them to come there, but who has a shady past (as well as mad Ninja skillz). They are helped along the way by the girliest looking guy in all of Anime, Koga Ninja, Kotetsu. All this is to ease the suffering of Masako, a female ghost that seems to want to protect Yosuke. In the end, instead of the anticipated hot-blooded, badass revenge, we get weeping ninjas and animated pretty boy emoting.

This Anime started out really cool. It has that awesome late1980s-early ’90s look. But then it betrays its viewers with some horrible Shojo-Bishie-Boy mess of an ending… Oh hell. Still, what fights we get are exciting, and most character designs look great.

 Yajikita 01

 Yajikita 02

 Yajikita 03

 Yajikita 04
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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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